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class speect.SPlugin(*args)


Plug-in objects encapsulate the loading/unloading and resource acquisition of dynamic shared objects.

Load a plug-in from the given path. If the plug-in at the given path has already been loaded, then the plug-in’s reference counter is increased and a pointer to the loaded plug-in is returned. This reduces the need for multiple redundant calls.

If the given path does not include any path separators (just a file name) then the path is concatenated with the default plug-in path.

Parameters:path (str) – The full path and name of the plug-in to load.
Returns:Plug-in object
Return type:SPlugin
Raises :RuntimeError if Speect was unable to load the plug-in.


The plug-in is unloaded when the SPlugin object is deleted, and no other references to the plug-in exists.


The SPlugin object inherits from SObject in the Speect Engine and can therefore be used in functions/methods that require parameters of type SObject.