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SVoiceClass Structure

SVoice StructureΒΆ

speect object SVoice

The SVoice structure.

SObject obj

Inherit from SObject.

s_voice_info *info

Voice information.

SList *plugins

Plugin container.

s_voice_data *data

Opaque data container.

SMap *features


SMap *featProcessors

Feature processors.

SMap *uttProcessors

Utterance processors.

SMap *uttTypes

Utterance types.

struct s_voice_data s_voice_data

Type definition of the opaque voice data.

typedef struct s_voice_info

The voice information structure.

Public Members
char *name

The name of the voice.

char *description

A short description of the voice.

char *gender

Voice gender.

char *language

The voice language.

char *lang_code

The voice language code, ISO 639-2.


s_version version

Voice version.