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SDso Structure

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SDsoClass StructureΒΆ

speect class SDsoClass

The SDsoClass structure.

Protected Attributes
SObjectClass _inherit

Inherit from SObjectClass.

void(*const load)(SDso *self, const char *path, s_erc *error)

Load function pointer.

Load a dynamic shared object from the given path into the given SDso object.

  • self

    The given SDso object.

  • path

    The full path and name of the dso.

  • error

    Error code.

void *(*const get_symbol)(const SDso *self, const char *name, s_erc *error)

GetSymbol function pointer.

Get a handle to the named symbol from the given dynamic shared object.

  • self

    The dso from which to get the symbol.

  • name

    The name of the symbol to get.

  • error

    Error code.


Handle to the symbol.